What does Sweeney Controls do?
The simple explanation is that Sweeney Controls is a manufacturer. We design, build, program and service custom control panels and systems for clients. Our products improve efficiency and give clients greater control over their operations by automating certain aspects of their businesses. Each control panel or system is designed to meet the unique needs of companies in various industries. Please see our capabilities page for more detailed descriptions of our services.

How long will it take before someone
responds to our call for service?

We offer a 24-hour response time. We reply within 15 minutes to phone calls received before 8 am, after 5 pm or on the weekends.

Is an extra contract required in order to receive service?
No additional service contract is required for on-call client support; however, maintenance agreements are available upon request.

What is included in your service?
We offer design, planning, system integration and service. Additionally, we offer client training and 24/7/365 client support from our skilled, experienced, courteous staff. Please see our capabilities page for more detailed descriptions of our various services.

Quality. Innovation. Service.

My industry is not listed
on your “Industries We
Serve” page. Can you still
provide service?

Give us a call; we may be able
to help you. These are our
definitions of the industries we
work in, and your definition of your
industry may be different than ours.

I have an especially large/small project.
Can you help?

We provide service for projects of all sizes and complexities. Each project is customized to your needs.

Why does it take weeks to months to get
a submittal for a control system?

The submittal process is another critical step and can take significant engineering, design and research. As all control systems are custom-designed, we want to be sure the system functions as intended.

How do I receive a quote or information on
getting started with Sweeney Controls?

Click on “Contact Us” and choose your preferred communication method. A friendly, well-qualified representative will be happy to discuss your needs.